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With our 2 year or 24,000 mile nationwide coast to coast warranty & Our we can do for you attitude we are your shop for all your cars and trucks repair and service needs.  We care and want to have a long term relationship with you, your family and your friends. .


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Come see why we can offer a 2/24 Parts and Labor warranty, that goes with you whaen you travel or run around town. Big company backing with a small business feel, it is the best of both worlds at over 14,000 locations.



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With approval from BBB/NAPA /Angies List and many more, were a shop you can trust and aks questions to. Craig is very approachable and works to build a relation ship that last years and not just one visit.


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Our staff is well trained, very committed and here to serve you and your vehicles



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. Craig's Car Care,Collin County Texas March 2014

2014  Ford Trucks Craig's Car Care in Allen, Texas

 Ford vehicles on Allen  roads has a differential, and it is important to the proper operation of the vehicle, but most area drivers don’t have a clue what it is. The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a much shorter distance than the outside wheel. So the inside wheel of the Ford vehicles must move at a slower speed than the outside wheel. Without a differential, the wheels would hop and scrape while turning. Have you ever seen the large bugle-shaped object in the middle of the rear axle of a truck? That’s the differential. In a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the differential is located on the back axle. Four-wheel drive vehicles and SUV’s have differentials on both the front and the rear axle.

You might expect that the differential is located on the               Read on

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All visits to our shop include a professional courtesy inspection by our highly trained skilled technicians.    Let us provide you the customer, with repair and maintenance options that best meet your vehicles needs and priority's.    We will be happy to schedule your appointment or get you checked in today. We are hear to work for you

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Craig's Car Care April 2014   

 Oil & Filter Service Coupon

 $15.00 OFF any oil and filter service

 Plus Tax
and $3.25 waste fee

Coupon Must be Presented at Time of Vehicle Drop Off.
Not valid with any other offer. Expires: 04-30-2014.

Craig's Car Care April 2014

Special Coupon Discount $35.00 OFF
Any Product or Service over $300.00

Coupon Must be Presented at Time of Vehicle Drop Off.
Not valid with any other offer. Expires: 04-30-2014


April 2014 


        classic car work




 BRAKE FLUSH SERVICE    $69.95   _ Recommended every 30,000 miles / Remove old brake fluid and replace with new fluid at all four wheels / Bleed the whole brake system._ With this coupon______ 



This includes one pound of R-134A Freon

Test and inspect the AC system / Inspect belts and the cabin air filter.


  COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE         $89.99_          Replace old /Weak and contaminated engine anti-freeze with new coolant.  Pressure test the system for leaks. Inspect belts and hoses. Inspect and test radiator cap. Must present this coupon

        $2.00  EPA waste fee/ $5.00 shop parts fee plus tax  /May combine any two_/  per visit__Good until  04/30/2014

Ac specially does not include pin point testing for HVAC control malfunctions.

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April 2014

Craig's Car Care   Automatic transmission service with filter and complete system flush with 10 to 16 quarts of fluid

Standard fluids




plus $6.00 shop parts/gaskets

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Offer ends 04/30/2014
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need an alignment
Craig's Car Care      Coupon
Four wheel wheel alignment and suspension inspection Special for $69.99
Two wheel alignments $59.22
$6.00 shop Parts applies
offer ends 04/30/2014
Print this page and bring with you
Includes factory available adjustments
Shims and insert pop outs available at an additional cost if needed.


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april  2014Craigs Car Care in Lucas Texas near Allen, Fairview ,Parker and Wylie Texas in Colling County

Wheel Alignment Changes Over Time Even under optimum conditions, accurate wheel alignment does not last for the life of a vehicle. Recognizing early signs of handling and tire wear problems, before they develop into major issues, allows you to address them before they cost your customers serious money. Craig's Car Care can help.

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Alinment at Craigs Car Care, for March 2014 Near Allen and Lucas Texas 

Now a days when all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road pot hole or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving in Allen can cause your vehicles’s wheels to be out of alignment.

Driving for an extended time when you’re out of alignment causes your vehicles’s tires to wear unevenly and excessively – perhaps causing you to have to replace tires years too early or even lead to a blowout: Dangerous … and expensive. It can also cause premature wear to your suspension system, which can be really 

Here are some alignment basics: The first adjustment is called toe or do the wheels point in towards each other or away from each other at the front of the tire.
The next adjustment is called camber or do the wheels tip in or out at the top.
And finally, there is :   Keep reading

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Whether your car needs repair/maintenance or towing, we provide honest and dependable services from a friendly staff who really care about their customers and their cars. Set your appointment for automotive repair services from Craig's Car Care. Call today. 972-941-6700 

Hoses, radiators ,water pumps and engine coolant in Allen and Lucas Texas

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