Distracted Driving

We wanted to keep the discussion going about Distracted Driving and just how important it is – The Real Cost that you may not have thought about. It’s time to face the truth about being Distracted when we are behind the wheel.When was the last time you checked a text,... read more

November News Update

After a long hot dry summer it finally happens that strange wet stuff starts falling from the sky and gets all over your windshield, causing you to reach for the lever that turns on your windshield wiper. While you’re expecting to have a swipe of instant clean you... read more

Business Seen | Craig’s Car Care

By Lynn Burdick In today’s economy, more people are choosing to keep their cars longer—opting to maintain or fix their vehicles rather than buy a new one. Establishing a relationship with a repair shop that you can trust is key. Craig’s Car Care fills the... read more

Are you in time with you cars engine?

Are all timing belt jobs the same? After all when your car’s engine is due for its timing belt all the technician has to do is just pull off the old belt and pop on a new one, right? Maybe not, let’s take a closer look at what this belt does. Your car’s engine... read more

Possibly Faulty Honda Airbags

By David Undercoffler The Pilot, top, and the Odyssey are the Honda models that might have faulty airbags. (Associated Press / Honda) Honda announced Friday it’s recalling more than 748,843 Pilot and Odyssey vehicles to correct a problem with the... read more

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