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After Hours Drop Off Form

After Hours Drop Off Form

For your convenience we have created an early bird/night owl repair order. By filling out and siging the form, you are authorizing Craigs Car Car Inc. to perform only the repairs or disgnosis you have authorized. Please lock vehicle, place keys(door & ignition), In an envelope. nPlace envelope in our night drop-off box.

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  • ColorLicense Plate # 

  • Work Authorization:

    By typing my name below I hereby authorize Craigs Car Car Inc. to perform the above repairs along with the necessary materials. Craigs Car Care Inc. and it's employees may operate this vehicle for the purpose of testing, inspection or delivery at my risk. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on this vehicle to secure the amount of repairs thereto. It is also understood that Craigs Car Care Inc. will not be held responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or articles left in vehicles due to fire, theft or any other causes beyond their control, or to cars left on the premises after notification of completion of work.