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Charging / Starting System Questions

Charging / Starting System Questions

Please complete our pre-appointment Charging System Questionnaire. The questions below offer us insight to your symptoms, your driving habits and any previous repairs. The more information we receive that can help us locate and repair your vehicle’s issues, the more we save you time and money.

  • How We Test Your Charging System

    To properly inspect, evaluate and repair any charging system concerns, our technicians perform a series of tests and inspection procedures. The cost of any charging system repair may vary depending on vehicle make and model, age of vehicle and the environment in which it is operated in. We’ve included a list of tests and inspections that our technicians may perform. Not all procedures are always required to confirm the charging system problem.

    Our List Of Testing Procedures

    A test drive is performed to verify customer complaint.
    Check and note any computer codes.
    Analyze freeze frame data from codes. (freeze frame data is a snap shot of the concern recorded in real time as the concern occurred)
    Test battery with approved tester for cranking amps and reserve capacity.
    Test alternator output voltage, amperage, diode operation and voltage regulator. (Most newer cars have a computer module or interface for the charging system)
    Test Starter amperage draw, voltage, and solenoid, relay & ignition switch operation. (Again most new cars have a computer module or interface integrated into this system)
    Voltage drop test on some or all the components to determine connection issues.
    Parasitic voltage and amperage draw test to determine any voltage leaks from the system.
    Pinpoint test the computer if the system is computer controlled.
    Inspect ring gear on flywheel if a noise is heard when starting.
    Inspect drive belt and pulleys.
    Inspect cables for corrosion and proper torque.