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Fluid Leak Question Sheet

Fluid Leak Question Sheet

Please complete our pre-appointment Engine Overheat Questionnaire. The questions below offer us insight to your vehicle’s symptoms, your driving habits and any previous repairs. The more information we receive that can help us locate and repair your vehicle’s issues, the more we save you time and money.

How We Test For A Fluid Leak Condition

To properly inspect, evaluate and repair any fluid leak concerns, our technicians perform a series of tests and inspection procedures. The cost of any repairs due to fluid leaks may vary depending on vehicle make and model, age of vehicle and the environment in which it is operated in. We’ve included a list of tests and inspections that our technicians may perform. Not all procedures are always required to confirm the engine overheat problem.

Our List Of Testing Procedures

A test drive (if possible) is performed to verify customer complaint.
Elevate vehicle on lift to inspect all areas of the undercarriage and engine areas
Pressure test system. (we pressurize entire system with 13 PSI and check for leaks)
Introduce various dye to any suspect systems (Cooling, Steering, Transmission, Engine)