McKinney, TX

McKinney TX, Allen TX

Collin McKinney is an important individual to the state of Texas. In fact, he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Another fact is that the city of McKinney, TX was named after McKinney. McKinney certainly has a rich history, which makes it a very desirable city to live and visit.

Just recently, Money Magazine ranked McKinney as the best place to live — though it’s no surprise, as the city has been on the list for multiple years. The city is filled with activities to do, attractions to see, and places to eat and shop. The local art scene includes various galleries such as Art House of McKinney, and other works of art all over the city. Over 250 local and national eateries can be found in city, as well as over 100 stores that range from one-of-a-kind gifts to the largest retailers.

Just as there is no shortage of things to do in McKinney, there is no shortage of repairs that can be performed at Craig’s Car Care. When McKinney auto repairs are needed, Craig’s Car Care also has a rich history with the city. Located minutes from McKinney in the Allen/Lucas area, we have performed dependable and affordable auto repairs for over 20 years.

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