Muffler Repair in Allen, TX

Muffler Repair, Allen TX

Why is the Muffler important?
Your automobile muffler is responsible for quieting the high pressure sound that’s produced by the engine. Engine sound passes through a series of maze-like walls within the muffler, where sound is silenced before exiting through the tail pipe. The muffler begins to deteriorate over time from rust, road damage and other elements that create holes. An exhaust leak is oftentimes the result which leads to a loud car or strange smells. In addition, the muffler contributes to your engine’s performance by providing the correct amount of back pressure, as well as being a sealed system for the oxygen sensors to obtain the correct reading in order to adjust how much fuel to add to or save from the engine. Too many leaks in your muffler or exhaust pipes can lead to wasted fuel.

A louder-than-normal car may signal a damaged muffler. So, be sure to bring in your automobile for the correct repairs.

Muffler Repairs at Craig’s Car Care
We are committed to preserving the environment. And since damaged exhaust systems contribute negatively to the environment, we perform muffler repairs to positively contribute to an environmentally cleaner future for you and your family.

Our team of ASE-Certified Master Technicians start by using the latest diagnostic equipment to perform a comprehensive inspection to pinpoint the exact causes of muffler issues, and then recommending the best course of action. As always, you will receive an honest diagnosis and repair recommendation.

Muffler Repairs Include:

  • Comprehensive muffler and exhaust inspection
  • OEM and quality aftermarket replacement parts
  • 24-Month/24,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty

Experience why Craig’s Car Care is the go-to repair shop for Allen, TX muffler repairs.

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