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Air Conditioning Symptom Questions

Air Conditioning Symptom Questions

Please take a moment to complete our pre-appointment Air Conditioning Questionnaire. The questions below offer us insight to your symptoms, your driving habits and any previous repairs. They are used to help us locate and repair your vehicle’s concerns, saving you time and money.

  • How We Test Your A/C System

    Air conditioning systems (or HVAC) can be quite a challenge to test, locate and repair. We perform a series of tests and inspection procedures to isolate the concern then use the proper equipment and material to make quality repairs. We must abide by all environmental rules in order to complete the repairs.

    How We Test Your A/C System
    The costs of any HVAC repair can vary depending on the type of vehicle, the age of the vehicle, driving habits and the environment that the vehicle is operated in. All of them are factors. We’ve included a list of tests and inspections that we perform but not all items are always required.

    They are:
    Test drive to verify the concern.
    Test refrigerant for any contamination or excessive air content and purity.
    Install pressure gauges to test system pressures.
    Test temperature of evaporator core and condenser.
    Use approved industry standard means to test for refrigerant leaks.
    Test for system fault codes.
    Test fan clutch operation and/or electric fan.
    Test orifice tube or expansion valve.
    Inspect evaporator drain for debris.
    Test heater control valve.
    Test voltage to a/c clutch coil.
    Pinpoint test of electrical components associated with the system.
    Test fan blower motor and relays.
    Inspect and clean cowl of debris.
    Inspect and clean condenser from road debris.