Buying a Used Vehicle

It’s natural to be a little anxious when you buy a used car in Allen:  you worry that it has something wrong with it or that it hasn’t been well maintained. If it’s possible, bring the car in to Craigs Car Care, Inc. for an inspection. We can tell you if there are current or emerging problems. The peace of mind is well worth the price of the  inspection service . It’s also a good idea to get on track with the maintenance schedule at Craig's Car Care, Inc. and stay on track. If you don’t have maintenance records for the vehicle, assume the worst and get started with an  oil change . The inspection by a qualified Allen service technician that comes with a full service oil change will reveal basic problems. Be sure to bring up any specific concerns with your Honest Craig's Car Care, Inc. service consultant. A more intense inspection at Craig's Car Care, Inc. can find hidden problems like body damage and sealer in A/C units which c ... read more

Caring for your Vehicle's Brakes

Your brakes are extremely important as you drive around Allen, TX. Having good brakes just keeps you out of trouble. You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes. With disc brakes , brake pads rub on a disc – or rotor – to slow the wheels. The brake pads are attached to a caliper that squeezes the pads against the rotor. It’s kind of like how squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle pushes the brake pads against the wheel of the bike. Now pads just wear away with use – kind of like a pencil eraser wears out. The good news is that replacing brake pads is a straight-forward repair. If you hear squealing or grinding when you use the brakes, have your Craig's Car Care service advisor check them out. He’ll have a technician perform a thorough brake inspection to see what needs to b ... read more

Go Straight With a Wheel Alignment

Go Straight With A Wheel Alignment At Craig's Car Care, Inc. In Allen Ever been in your local Allen grocery store and had one of those shopping carts – you know the one with a messed up wheel that wobbles like crazy. Your cart shakes and pulls to one side – if you’re not careful it’s clean up on aisle three. Wheel alignment  on your car is a lot like that. One or more of your wheels can get out of alignment; you feel a vibration in your steering wheel – which may also be off-center. Your car might pull to one side and your tires start to wear unevenly – you could chew through a tire in a few months. Sometimes wheels get knocked out of alignment by something big like hitting a curb on a bumpy Allen road or slamming into a pothole. But everyday driving takes a toll and cars lose alignment over time. That’s why auto makers recommend an alignment check at regular intervals. At Craig's Car Care, Inc., we offer a full ... read more

Is My Starter going Bad?

Is My Starter going Bad?

When you turn your key or press your button on the dash you except your engine to start.Car not starting? It may just be a bad starter. The starter is what "cranks up" the car’s engine in most gasoline and diesel engines. When this car parts fails it can give you good bright dash lights and even headlights but nothing when you turn your key. The cars battery supplies 12.7 volts to the starter and transfers that power through your car's battery cables (one positive and one negative) if one of these battery cables is bad or loose it can also act like a bad starter. Questions? How can we help. Call today and let us help you with some options.Are we starting to ask to much or our starters? What exactly does it do when we turn the key or push the button? Just like the name implies this is the machine that get ... read more

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