4 Vehicle Care Tips from Honda Auto Mechanics That Can Save You Money

Honda Auto Mechanics

Regular maintenance of your Honda is the key.

Honda is well-known for its reliable vehicles and its wide range of models that cater to different needs and budget.  However, issues will eventually crop up even on top-of-the-line cars, especially with older ones. With proper attention, you can maintain your car’s performance and avoid the steep costs of unplanned repairs.

How often should Honda auto mechanics service my car?

Most repair technicians in Allen, TX, would advise you to follow your auto maintenance schedule based on mileage. That’s around 3.000-5,000 miles for most Honda cars. We at Craig’s Car Care agree with this, but we also believe that your trip to a Honda repair center should depend on the car’s age and your typical driving conditions. 

It can be once every three months or sooner, but maintaining cars should be dynamic. You should proactively check for early signs of trouble and seek the help of Honda experts.

What Do Professional Honda Auto Mechanics in Allen Say?

Here are four money-saving tips that let you know when it’s time for car maintenance:

1. Check your engine oil regularly.

Our expert technicians at Craig’s Car Care (Allen, TX) recommend that you check your oil tank at least once a month. New oil for your auto engine is Amber in color, but it gets darker due to high heat and contaminants after some use. If the oil has become too dark that you cannot see the dipstick through it, then it’s time for an oil change. This can save you money by improving gas mileage, extending the longevity of your Honda engine, and reducing the need for future repair services in Allen.


You should also contact our service and repair shop ASAP if you find metal shavings on the engine oil. These indicate grinding and damages to internal engine parts.

2. Listen to your Honda car.

Do you hear unusual sounds as you drive your Honda along highways in Allen? If you start hearing clunking noises from under the hood, you should visit our repair shop soon. Knocking sounds mean that your engine parts are hammering against each other, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Continuing to drive in this condition may ultimately cause the engine to seize, and replacing it will be very expensive.

3. Be conscious of your gas mileage.

Take note if you are more frequently visiting Allen TX gas stations, even if you haven’t changed your driving habits. On most Honda cars, a decrease in gas mileage is a symptom of other problems like having unbalanced wheels or engine leaks. 


If you own a hybrid like the Honda Clarity, poor fuel economy probably indicates a problem with the electric motor. Maybe your battery or the motor itself is malfunctioning because the vehicle is relying more on the auto engine. A Honda auto mechanic in Allen can repair damages and reduce your fuel costs.

4. Pay attention to the cabin temperature of your Honda.

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning are essential components of your auto. If your Honda’s interior does not cool down to the desired temperature, your A/C may be low on Freon. On the other hand, failure to heat up during winters is probably caused by coolant issues. Either way, traveling on a Honda with a broken HVAC can be very uncomfortable.


Continuously using faulty A/C or heating on your Honda will cost you more money and energy. Bring us your car if the HVAC cannot achieve target temperatures, and a repair mechanic in Craig's Allen TX will expertly service it.

Bonus Tip - Trust Only Certified Master Honda Auto Mechanics

We know that your Honda vehicle is a prized investment, so we’ll handle it with the highest level of expertise and respect. We’ve been handling Honda repair and maintenance since 1996, and our ASE-certified mechanics continue to deliver outstanding results to hundreds of new and repeat customers. That is why Craig’s Car Care has the best reviews in Allen and Collin County when it comes to servicing Honda and other car brands.


You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (972) 694-9963 regarding your Honda concerns. You can also visit our automotive shop at 1005 W Lucas Rd, Allen, TX 75002.

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