5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Cars are supposed to run smoothly and quietly. If you hear strange noises originating from your engine, it is a sign that something is wrong. You should be especially worried if the noises start abruptly and get worse. These noises are many and varied, but the following five require immediate attention:


Popping noises from the engine are worrying, particularly if you are on a long trip. Never ignore popping noises coming from the engine. The sounds could mean an issue with the axle or its joints. A broken axle is a huge problem, so get it fixed swiftly.


Your car engine should never hiss. Hissing could signify an overheating engine or a leaking vacuum. It could also mean liquids are leaking into the engine or the catalytic converter is plugged. Get a mechanic to check the source of the hissing as soon as possible.


Knocking sounds from the engine are some of the most unsettling and vivid signs of an issue with the vehicle. It may signify problems with the ignition due to bad spark plugs, poor fuel injection, or a damaged distributor cap. The engine also produces knocking sounds when there is fuel igniting inside the cylinder.


Squealing sounds coming from the engine should send you straight to a mechanic. The primary cause of the squealing is an issue with the brakes. If the brakes are worn out and have no padding for protection, squealing will result. If you fix it soon by getting pad replacements, you prevent brake failure.


Rumbling engine noises signify problems with the muffler. A hole in the muffler means harmful smoke is seeping into the car. Rumbling plus shaking means issues with the spark plugs.

If you hear any of the five noises above, take your car to Craig's Car Care immediately.


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