5 Signs You Need New Rotors

While most people know about the importance of brake pads, they are unaware of the rotors. Both the brake pads and rotors work together to slow down the wheels and, therefore, the whole car. Just like every other comment on your car, rotors are doomed to have problems and issues. If you want to know a few signs of worn-out or bad rotors, continue reading.

1. Car Shakes While Braking

One very clear sign of bad rotors is shaking or vibration while braking. When you press the brake pedal, the rotors and brake pads come into contact to slow down the car. When the rotor is bent, warped, or worn out, vibrations can be felt through the car.

2. Pulling To One Side

Pulling to one side can be caused by a few things, one of them being bad rotors. This is especially true if it is only noticeable when braking. If you spot this symptom, make sure to have the brake system as well as the wheels aligned at a repair shop.

3. Weird Noises While Braking

Your car's rotors can wear out, and when they come into contact with something, a noise can be heard. While the problem can only be related to the rotors, it also might have something to do with the brake pads, so make sure you visit a mechanic.

4. Rapid Tire And Brake Pad Wear

When something related to the steering, brake, or suspension system is having problems, it usually affects the tires. This also applies to the rotors because they can wear out or get bent, resulting in pulling to one side and worsened brake performance.

5. Suspension Issues

Suspension issues can be caused by quite a lot of things, and while they are not common, the rotors can contribute to them. With the variety of problems that bad rotors cause, the suspension also takes a beating. Make sure to have your car checked if you suspect anything similar.

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