Common Reasons for Transmission Fluid Leaks

What Is Transmission Fluid?

Regardless of whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, both types rely on transmission fluid for lubrication and smooth operation. Transmission fluid reduces wear and tear on transmission gears, so your vehicle can move. It also has cooling properties to keep your transmission parts from overheating.

This red fluid is similar to engine oil for the engine – it is absolutely necessary. Over time, contaminants can build up, leading to poor performance and reduced life of the transmission. In severe cases, the transmission can leak, leading to urgent repairs. So, what can cause your transmission fluid to break down and leak?

  • Collision: When your vehicle makes a harsh impact on another car or object, especially near its axles or wheels, it can lead to a transmission leak. The transmission is connected to the driveshaft, which can do some damage to the seals.
  • Poor Maintenance: Failing to inspect your transmission system and changing the fluid on time can cause leaks and damage. One common thing we find in leaky transmissions is metal scraps that can cause excess wear and tear on your transmission. When they are left in the fluid long enough, they can wear out the seals that hold in the fluid.
  • Wear and Tear: An older transmission is sensitive to leaks caused by external factors. With temperature changes year over year, it can strain the transmission and cause leaks.

If you notice a red fluid puddle under your vehicle, it is most likely a transmission fluid leak. You may also notice signs of grinding sounds, burning smells, and poor gear engagement. To be sure, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Craig’s Car Care for a thorough transmission check-up.

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