Digital Vehicle Inspections - DVI

With the complexity of newer cars today, seldom do any of us actually step out and physically look over our cars, SUV's and light trucks. Relying on sensors, lights and warning chimes only goes so far. This month we discuss the merits of our Digital Vehicle Inspection and how you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in optimum condition.

Introducing Digital Vehicle Inspections: Real Time Intelligence. Greater Accuracy. Knowledge is Power. You know that the smarter you are, the more confident you become. Same holds true with vehicle awareness. The more you know about how your vehicle is operating, the more confident driver you become. Having confidence in the machine you operate daily is a major factor in being a good driver. Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions.

  • "Do I have enough tread on my tires? 
  • "Is it safe to use for vacation?"
  • "Is it ready for the weather?" 
  • "Are the fluids in good condition?" 
  • "What is the condition of my battery?" 

With our Digital Vehicle Inspection process, these questions and more are answered. In most cases, all systems are in good working order giving our clients the peace of mind driving they deserve. 

Immediate Results Right To Your Inbox

There's nothing like being kept up to date with things that are important. State of health reminders are everywhere today. Fitbit, Apple Watch and the like monitor things we do for the benefit of our health. With our DVI process, we now can do the same for your vehicle. And, all results can be sent directly to your email inbox for you to review and store for your records. 

With our Digital Vehicle Inspections, added benefits are numerous. Let's review just a few of them. 

  • Peace Of Mind Driving
  • Periodic updates on your vehicle
  • Digital pictures from all areas of your vehicle (Chassis. Brakes. Fluids. Tires. Accessories)
  • Fully understand your vehicle's health
  • Budget better for repairs and maintenance
  • Maintain a digital historical record for your vehicle
  • Adds resale value when it comes time to sell

These are just a few ways to benefit from having Digital Vehicle Inspections performed during your service event. Been in a fender bender lately? Digital inspections go a very long way with insurance companies. Be better prepared with a D.V.I. 

Come into Craig's Car Care today and ask about the benefits of DVI!

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