How are your Shocks and Struts?

Shocks and Struts So you have over 100,000 miles on your car or truck, could be you drive a Honda, Toyota (Lexus) Or Nissan (Infinity), or Maybe a Chevy, Ford or Dodge and the ride is still good, but now a days it may feel the road is getting a little rougher or more noisy than it used to be. Well it could be the road or it could be Your Shock absorbers or Struts may be just at the end of their normal life cycle as things do just wear out and 10 years ish, or 100,000 miles will do that and just not doing all the good they used to. Now it is not critical to replace them as long as they are not leaking fluid or so totally worn out, they feel like your riding in a wagon across the plains 100 years ago. It is true that Shock absorbers and Struts are important and do play a major roll in the safety for handling and steering control when we ask them or need them to work at their peak performance such as in a emergency stop or steering maneuver to swerve around something that just jumps out in front of us when we are driving. If any of these things apply to you and you have over 100,000 miles of driving on yours cars shocks and struts now may be the time to have them replaced to not only make your ride great and sound good like it was when the car was new but also to get that level of safety back the dealership built into it when it was new. Ask us at your next service to inspect your shocks & struts for service needed.

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