Is My Starter going Bad?

When you turn your key or press your button on the dash you except your engine to start.

Car not starting?

It may just be a bad starter. The starter is what "cranks up" the car’s engine in most gasoline and diesel engines. When this car parts fails it can give you good bright dash lights and even headlights but nothing when you turn your key.

The cars battery supplies 12.7 volts to the starter and transfers that power through your car's battery cables (one positive and one negative) if one of these battery cables is bad or loose it can also act like a bad starter.

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Are we starting to ask to much or our starters?

 What exactly does it do when we turn the key or push the button?

Just like the name implies this is the machine that gets your engine turning each time you turn the key to "start" your car’s engine.

The starter has a small electric motor and solenoid that pushes a small gear out to mesh with a large gear attached to your engine.

Is My Starter going Bad

This will cause your gasoline or diesel engine to start to rotate while the engines computer automatically adds fuel and or spark (for gasoline engines) until the engine starts.

After this happens the small gear in the starter hides back into its housing until it is needed again.

When all is not well and your car will not start "crank over" it could be anything from a bad or dead battery, battery cables, security system or safety system or even just a bad starter.

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