It's 95 degrees outside and your A/C is on the Fritz!

My AC /Air Conditioning is not working. What is wrong with it? With the weather getting hotter we
are fielding these phone calls every day. While there is more than one answer to this great question I
can offer some common ideas and things we see. First is the most common, the freon gas that is used to
carry heat away from the cars cabin area has become low from a leak someplace in the system. Another
can be an air flow issue from a blower motor for pushing air inside your car's interior that is not working
or the cabin air filter is so dirty, air can no longer move past it. Last in the most seen issues is an air box
door problem. These doors are used to direct and redirect air from the vents to the defrosters and to
the floor or any combination you select. As for the next big question; how much will this cost? It is very
hard to get an accurate estimate until we have been able to evaluate the signs and symptoms. We can
perform some test to find out what is broken. This part can start from $89.00 and go up to the $250.00
range depending on how in depth a technician needs to get. The benefit to testing is it not only
identifies the obvious reason for not having any cold air but can also locate any underlying issues that if
not corrected can cause a rushed repair to not last or a AC system that under performs (not cold as it
should be) From this point we can put together the correct plan to make a solid repair in the most
affordable way possible.

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