Money-Saving Tips from Auto Mechanics Near M

 Money-Saving Tips from Auto Mechanics Near Me

Money-Saving Tips from Auto Mechanics Near Me

Every vehicle owner has gone through the hassle of repairs. As a car owner myself, looking for Auto Mechanics near me was only half of the problem.

Not everyone can fix general car issues on their own. Most owners do not have the skills and tools to fix their vehicles themselves (or so they think). However, that should not stop you from learning about the important fundamentals.

In this blog, we’ll be listing down several tips straight from professional mechanics themselves on what to do and what not to do when managing a vehicle fix issue.

Habits to Extend Your Car’s Life

1. Respect the Break-in Period: Keep your speed under 55mph for your car’s first 1,000 miles.

2. Avoid heavy loads on the drive train: If your vehicle isn’t designed to load heavy things on the roof rack or trunk with heavy materials, avoid it as much as possible.

3. Do not Idle: Oil pressure generated by idling your car ends up not sending oil to every part of your engine, and it’s not healthy for your car.

Car Repairs You Can Do on Your Own

Oil/Filter Change 

We should change our motor oil every 3,000 miles. A DIY Motor Oil change will cost around $20 and will take about 30 minutes. You will need A wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drain pan, a funnel, oil, an oil filter, and a replacement drain plug washer.

Check what type of oil and how much you need for your car. Next, locate the oil filter and drain plug under, drain the oil on your drain pan, tighten the drain plug, change the oil filter and add the new oil. Although I want to save money and time instead of looking for Auto Mechanics near me, if I needed a quick fix and unsure what I was doing, I’d consider professional help.

Coolant Change Service Auto Mechanics Near Me

You have to change your coolant every 24,000 miles (green coolant). You will need 2 gallons of new coolant, an air-powered refill tool, air compressor, drain pan, and wrenches. The tools will cost you around $100-$150. Check the coolant color beforehand. If it looks rusty, I will start looking for Auto Mechanics near me. A coolant change won’t be able to fix that.

Start by placing a drain pan under the radiator and loosen the lower radiator hose clamp. If the hose doesn’t budge, use a hose removal tool. Let the radiator and water pump drain completely, then reattach the hose and clamp.

Insert the air tool into the radiator neck or overflow bottle and connect the exhaust hose and compressed air line, directing the open end to an empty container. Open the valve and let the vacuum rise until the needle reaches the red zone edge and then fill with your coolant. When filled up, reinstall the radiator or overflow tank caps.

Overall, there are a lot of things you can do to save money from vehicle repairs. However, once things get out of hand, I would consider professional assistance. Craig’s Car Care, located at 1005 W. Lucas Road, Allen, Texas, is a great local auto repair facility.

They pre-schedule your maintenance Service Request for the entire year and reach out to remind you. They have an extended warranty, and they also offer realistic budgets.


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