Prevent Cooling System Problems!

Cooling system problems are the most common reason for mechanical failure in Allen. And, they’re largely avoidable. Here’s what Allen car owners need to know about their cooling system. First, the terms coolant and antifreeze are pretty much used interchangeably in Texas. The fluid cools your engine while it’s running and it keeps it from freezing when it’s cold.

Your cooling system is filled with a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze/coolant. So if you’re topping off antifreeze/coolant, it is important to add the proper amount of each. Distilled water is much better than tap water. Now you can buy pre-mixed coolant so make sure you know what you’re putting in.

Two more cautions for Allen car owners: first, never add coolant when the engine is hot . This can lead to serious burns. Second, there are many antifreeze formulas. Your manufacturer recommends a specific type that won’t harm your cooling system components. Use the wrong fluid and you could void your cooling system warranty. Your Honest Craig's Car Care, Inc. service specialist can help you with all this.

All auto makers have schedules for when you should change your coolant. It’s important to follow the schedule , because neglecting your cooling system allows the fluid to become corrosive. You’ll get leaks which can lead to expensive damage. Check with your service advisor at Craig's Car Care, Inc. in Allen to see if it’s time for a cooling system inspection and service.

Give us a call today and let us get your system back to cool!

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