What can a Cabin Filter do for you?

My car has a bad smell when I run the heater or air conditioner. A friend said I might need a new cabin air filter – what’s that?

 A cabin air filter is a filter that cleans the air that comes into your vehicle's passenger compartments of the car. Most new vehicles sold in Texas now have a cabin air filter. A cabin air filter catches dust, pollen, spores and other dangerous pollutants before they can get into your car's cabin. It’s kind of like the filter in your homes AC System,cleaning the air you breathe inside your car & truck.

As you can imagine, it eventually gets filled up and can even start to get smelly. So – you just have it replaced. Now some are really easy to access and others are tougher to get to. Most are behind the glove box area on the passenger's side of your car. A few are mounted under the hood near the windshield also on the passenger side. 

Your owner’s manual likely has a recommendation for when to replace the cabin air filter. If you live and drive in Texas where there is a lot of dust, pollen or detrimental pollution, the filter will fill up quicker. Of course, if you’re getting a bad odor it could be from the car's cabin air filter. 

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