What Can Wear Down Tires Prematurely?

What Can Wear Down Tires Prematurely

Like any other car parts, tires have a lifespan. Lack of proper maintenance causes them to wear out before the expected replacement time. Weary tires can make a car skid or slip, resulting in an accident. Here are some of the reasons that cause tires to wear down prematurely.

Poor Tires Inflation

The car pressure level is indicated on the car manual. Low pressure causes wear and tear on the outsides of the tires. High-pressure damages the inner treads of the tires.

Drivers should regularly check tire pressure using a gauge at the gas station to prevent reduced mileage from premature tire wear.

Failing to Rotate Tires

The damage to tires happens unevenly due to differences in road terrains. Regular tire rotation tries to even out the tearing of wheel treads so that the tires last longer.

It involves bringing the rear tires to the front and the front ones to the back. Car manufacturers recommend cycling after 5000 to 7500 miles or with every oil change for easy tracking.

Irregular Wheel Alignment

Wheels require to get aligned appropriately to balance the pressure they hold when driving. Alignment involves adjusting the wheel angles to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road.

A misaligned axle causes the car to pool to one side. The result is unbalanced aging of the internal and external parts of the tires.

Worn Shock Absorbers and Struts

Shock absorbers control the vehicle's suspension to keep tires on the road surface and smoothen the ride. When shock absorbers and struts are overdue for replacement, the car will vibrate and bounce excessively on the road.

The shaking with every bump causes stress on the reams leading to premature tearing of tires.

Get Your Tires Checked

If you notice your tires are wearing off too fast and need replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today! We will conduct an inspection to determine the cause of premature wear down.

A recommendation on maintenance tips and replacement of necessary parts will be done. That way, you enjoy your drives with tires that last through the expected mileage.

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